Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Telepathe "Dance Mother"

This debut album was released this year and they're making efforts to make their second synth/avant-pop/indie/club/ soft electro masterpiece arrive on stores by the end of this year, I believe (or at least, as Busy Gangnes told me, they're working on their album this Fall).
Pitchfork only gave them 6.7 out of 10.0... I think it's because, as Melissa Livaudais said in an interview, when she was working as a waitress at a bar, the guy who reviewed their album, was unsatisfied with Melissa, who (as she said) was in a bad mood and didn't answer him that well. I think it's a bit childish to review an album because of this happening, but the world is full of people who suffer from Peter Pan's syndrome. Other reviews: Uncut gave them 70 out of 100; Slant Magazine gave them 4 stars out of 5 stars; Drowned in Sound says that this is one of the year's best albums, along with Animal Collective's "Merryweather Post Pavillion"; BBC said they have potential but must make more efforts; etc.
They hail from the hipster epicentre - you guessed it - Brooklyn, NY. With fellows like MGMT, High Places, LEIF, Das Racist and many other artists rising from this nest of music, Telepathe managed to get out of there (they criticised the too much "experimental spirit" in Brooklyn and admitted they didn't know that much of what was/is going on there). They come more specifically from Williamsburg, yeah, the artsy part of Brooklyn, also home of some considerable number of fellow jews.
Chrome's on it had been previously released on a EP, I think, which consisted of around 7 remixes of the song, from various cool bands. So Fine is their mind-lifting single- I love it. Trilogy is their biggest song, which is touching and with somewhat subjective lyrics. I can't stand it is also a great song, that has an awesome start, with synths and then Busy and Melissas' voices crashing together, in a way they become one single compact and angelical voice.
The album has around 45 minutes of nice, ear-softening music and sounds, that delight me. You can try it out here, it's really worth it (I've done a review previously, but someone erased it... at least they could've told the blog owners).

Their awesome "So fine" hit can be heard below and features as bonus the official videoclip:

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