Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frustration "Relax"

The French crossed their frontiers, having plans for a new Cold Wave movement: they are Frustration. Lost in Post-Punk and Cold Wave music they launched their debut album last year. It's called "Relax" as ironic as it sounds. I discovered them thanks to Drop Dead Festival's bands list on their website.
According to Discogs, it's rated 4.67 (in a scale of 5). In a scale of 10, I'd give it a 7.8: they have awesome songs, but some of them are [almost obviously] ripped from Joy Division. The track called "She's so tired" is probably the most notorious one concerning the similiraties between Joy Division and Frustration. In this one you can hear almost Ian Curtis' voice and the specific guitar tunes created originally on J.D.'s album "Closer".
However, it's an awesome album. The intro is perfect, accompanied by splendid lyrics: "We have some... Frustration! / They have some... Frustration!". My favourite tracks are: Too Many Questions", "Faster" and "Waiting for the Bad Things"- I recommend them. There's only a little bad fact about the song "Waiting for the Bad Things" due to the singer's accent seem a bit strange and too french-like. The dissonance transmited by their synthesizers at "Too Many Questions" and "Faster" are marvelous, really great. It's a catchy depressive sound, known to be omnipresent in the Cold Wave genre, I'd say.
In conclusion I take that this is one good album (worth acquiring), from a band that has got enough guts to revive the early 80s - and I say this in a good way.

Feel free to listen to their songs on myspace, if you don't want to download the entire album...

If you want to hear their album, download it here.
However, if you have enough money to spend on this, buy their album or a song of them or go see them live... all these tactics of promoting their music are featured on their myspace.

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