Monday, September 14, 2009

High Places "High Places"

High Places
released their debut album in 2008, self-titled "High Places". It's good, even Pitchfork reviewed it as one of the best new albums of that year. I totally advise you to hear it, if you're into more soft indie pop or/and psychedelic pop genres. Synths, nice feminine vocals and some sort of bongos that seem to fit always well with their music.
They were formed in Brooklyn, NY (in Williamsburg, I think, the epicentre of all these new indie artists... MGMT, Gang Gang Dance, Das Racist, Chairlift, Telepathe, etc.).
Recently, this duo has relocated to Los Angeles and its label is named Thrill Jockey.
Like many bands who are similar in some ways to High Places, this band also features their own blog. Of course they also have a myspace page.
The album's lenght is only 30 minutes, however one of the tracks, "From Stardust to Sentience", was listed as the 417th best song of the 2000's by Pitchfork.It was released September 23, 2008.
You can get this album right here. By the way, they've also released a compilation.

One of my favourite songs of them can be heard along with an unnoficial videoclip right below:

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