Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It is hard to believe, but sometimes these things just happen. You know Red Hot Chilli Peppers, don't you? So you probably heard of John Frusciante [guitar]. It's up to you if you like RHCP or don't. It's up to me to make you listen to another John Frusciante's band: Ataxia.
Forget everything you already knew from John in RHCP. This is good stuff. No, I mean it: really good. The first album is from 2004, called "Automatic Writing"; the other, from 2007, it's "AWII". They're both worth it, believe me. Their sound it's not easy to discribe, but let's say it is experimental rock, or something like very similar. If you allready heard John Frusciante solo, Ataxia will ring a bell.
Just listen.


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