Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Otto Von Schirach "Maxipad Detention"

Imagine a gangster clown on the streets of Huntington Beach boosting sounds with his subwoofs, having a blast. People had their kidnies desintegrated due to the intense frequencies of the mad bass that this music offers us. Yes, I'm speaking of Otto Von Schirach. An amazing breakcore and IDM artist he is.
With this review, my target is his album released on 2006, which is called "Maxipad Detention". Even though I've heard better sounds of him on his myspace for sure, I really enjoy the glitches, the irony, the intense spasms that these waves sent to our ears.
Kind of somewhat dark, agressive in his own way, this album is great for IDM fans. It's like he's a gangster side of Aphex, that can feature more laughable horror in his music. Otto's a great artist, that's what I can assure you. He'll give you as much pleasure as neurotic headaches, that you'll salivate for more.
Let your ears bleed and enjoy this album. Click here.

Watch him below getting dirty

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