Sunday, September 27, 2009

COIL "Spring Equinox"

Pure magick. Released in 1998, this was part of COIL's releases during solstices and equinoxes. Predictably, they release other three records of this unusual collection: "Autumn Equinox", "Winter Solstice" and "Summer Solstive".
According to my perspective, this one is much more dark than the other ones. It's hypnotic in its own way, dragging you to an infinite field filled with melancholic thoughts. As the other releases of this sort, during 1993 to 1998, COIL were in a more experimental side, evolving to a different stage. They made music with drones, glitches, noise and other awkward methods of self-induced auditive madness (for example, when they made the drone album "Time Machines" I think they didn't sleep for several days). According to wiki: "In March 1998, Coil began to release a series of four singles which were timed to coincide with the equinox and solstices of that year. The singles are characterized by slow, drone-like instrumental rhythms, and electronic or orchestral instrumentation.[13] The first single, Spring Equinox: Moon's Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull, featured two versions of the same song, the second version of which included a electric viola contribution from a newly inducted member, William Breeze. "
There are two tracks in this release 2 tracks (as mentioned before): "Spring Equinox part 1" and "Spring Equinox part 2". This cd's lenght is around 16 minutes and 37 seconds. I advise you to hear "Spring Equinox part 2", although both songs are, for sure, marvelous. COIL made celestial music, that didn't transcend beings at the same time. Like Jhonn Balance said when speaking about religious views: "spirituality within nature."
You can download this audible piece here.

Spring equinox record

Below I've put the "Spring Equinox part 2" song:

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