Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Black Dice "Repo"

Black Dice have been classified as an experimental electronica group. I'd say they fit into a category called "noise/electronica/experimental/dissonant/weirdo electro". You have to hear them to understand what I'm talking about. "Based out of Brooklyn, NY, the trio is fiercely independent, doggedly disciplined, and uncompromisingly DIY in approach. The music currently retains elements of noise and proto-industrial experimentation, while at the same time organically suggesting minimal, electronic, hip-hop, and psychedelic ideas as well as those of punk, tropicalia, and dub. Consistent to every era and all of their material is an irreverent, aggressive, hand-made aesthetic that simultaneously revels in and reconfigures the whole of popular culture." said a random blogger. They've started this band in 1997.
Currently, their label is Paw Tracks (the label that Animal Collective made, that has released records from Panda Bear and Jane, too).
This album [Repo] has 14 tracks, ranging each one from 0:21 minutes to 6:29 minutes. This music is described as ambient / noise / electronic. It surely is something thrilling. Gig wise gave them 4 stars out of 5 stars. Pitchfork gave them 7.1 out of 10.0.
The album is available here and if you are into this type of music, you should also hear other stuff from Paw Tracks (Panda Bear has made a few tracks in his album "Person Pitch" that were similar to Black Dice).

Here you have the fifth track from "Repo": La Cucaracha.

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