Sunday, September 13, 2009

Current 93 "Island" and a bonus CD that came with a comic book

"Island" cover
The Nodding God" cover

It's funny, because I was searching for "Island" and I found a blog that spoke about this album and of the CD that came with the Comic Book that David Tibet released as a special edition around 1993. I got this album thanks to a friend who works in a record store- nowadays the album's kind of rare to get your hands on.
It's one of my C93 albums. It's pure magic- and also the one with most "electronic" touches. In this album are featured the following artists: HÖH, Bjork and (I'm not certain) Baby Dee. You can hear Bjork singing in the first track, "Falling".
The cover of this album is really appealing too and shows how the content of this album should sound like: mysterious, melancholic, sad, and "icelandic".
The tracks which I'de recommend are the following: "Anyway, people die", "Oh, Merry-go-Round", "Crowleymass Unveiled" (an effort that David Tibet took to make a pop song and features a recording of Aleister Crowley speaking) and "Passing Horses".
In the CD, which is a short EP,you can hear two tracks: the 1st one "Children Of The Nodapoc Gathering Round" is a must have!
You can have the album and the short EP by clicking one of the images above. Hope you like these ones.

You can hear here a track that exists in "Island" (unfortunately I couldn't find one of the two tracks on the CD that came with the comic book...):

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