Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fennesz "Black Sea"

(This is the cover of the album released in December 9 of 2008)

Fennesz released "Black Sea" actually in November 25 of 2008, but the CD I own has a different artwork which was released in December 9 of 2008. This album is a wave of white noise with Fennesz distinctive experimental class. Working again mainly with conventional instruments like guitars and computers, his album is great. It works as a collective of good dark ambient and drone musical pieces that brush and clean your ears. With me, this album has such a relaxing effect that I even fell asleep (I don't say this in a bad way, keep that in mind).
All the tracks featured on this album are fluid, being coherent when blending with the next songs. The album's lenght is about 52 minutes too.

(This is the front cover of the album that was released in November 25 of 2008)

You can try hearing this album by clicking here or otherwise, if you are really fond of these sounds, buy it.
But first, you should try eating the sounds of the self-titled track "Black sea". Watch the video that's located below these words:

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