Friday, September 25, 2009

[upcoming bands] Dum Dum Girls

Basically there's just one consistent member in this band and she calls herself "Dee Dee" I believe. It's lo-fi pop.
Nevertheless, it sure is good. Dum Dum girls... They've even signed to Sub Pop. You can tell this is an upcoming band. They've played in the Woodsist fest in Brooklyn, NY, or whatever that fest was. Dee Dee assumes a wannabe gothic style (no offense intended here) - which I quite adore, I must say. Their discography currently consists of: an EP entitled Yours alone (on Captured Tracks label), a 7" named "Long hair", a 4-way split and there'll be soon available a cassette comp on Art Fag label.
See how this lo-fi pop is appealing - direct yourself to their myspace. They've been compared to bands like Black Tambourine and Shop Assistants.

I'll put a video here for you to heart them ("Hey Sis" song):

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