Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works Volume II"

I consider this artist pure genius. "Why?" Because in all the "IDM" environment he can always blend, create and convert new sounds. His music's b.p.m. can be so high because of all the glitch involved with it and at the same time it can have a bass that flushes your ears until you notice one of your kidneys exploded - you don't care, after all it's Aphex Twin you're absorbing.
As a matter of fact, Selected Ambient Works II or S.A.W. II is more soft and relaxing than most of his other albums. Doesn't have all the amount of electricity that you can hear in some tracks in Drukqs; isn't so intense as some beats looped on 26 Remixes for Cash; features some of the ambient elements that can be found along some songs in Selected Ambient Works 85-92.
This album contains 2 cd's. I like both. Like the post I did before with Panda Bear's "Young Prayer", this album's tracks don't have title... In fact, they have, but Richard David James / Aphex Twin didn't want to insert the names on the album. You'll have to view them here. The 3rd song on the 1st disc, Rhubarb Song, I think, is seriously an ambient masterpiece (according to what I can hear with my ears).
If you want to hear this album, which is a good bet, click disc 1 and disc 2 then.

This is the cd's back cover.

I leave you here a song:

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