Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jacob's Optical Stairway

I must say that this album impressed me: it showed the softer side of drum 'n bass. It was my philosophy teacher who gave it to me (I gave him a Saat CD called "Emtidi"). It mixes various genres, like old school drum 'n bass and ambient music (can also be categorized as electronica and dance music). Featuring an incredible arsenal of great breakbeats and fabulous synths, this audible artwork is really good to chill-out.
Recorded in 1995, by Mark Clair & Dennis McFarlane, who together make 4Hero (this is an another project of these men), along with other artists (Samantha Powell,Juan Atkins and Josh Wink) this CD is worth hearing. Jacob's Optical Stairway is one of aliases of 4 Hero. Who's into drum 'n bass and similar types of music (like ones played on lounge rooms) should give it a try.
The album's lenght is also quite good: it has 55 minutes and 52 seconds: an average good time for a record that fits this type (jungle, drum 'n bass, etc.).
Now talking about the cover of this album, I don't know what exactly it is, but I presume it's digital artwork. It seems to me there are some cells and on the background a lizard's eye or a cracked red hole.
If you're curious about this work, click here to obtain it (it's a torrent, since I couldn't find a rapidshare or megaupload link).

Next I'll show you a videoclip with the track number 7: "harsh realitys".

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