Monday, December 6, 2010

Das Racist "Sit Down Man"

One of the best hip hop albums I've heard lately, it features an unusual kind of nonsense lyrics (at least it seems so, many of the times). Produce by a great variety of artists (including Diplo here), it has been considered a great achievement by Das Racist, innovating rapping.
These guys are really original, they even did a videogame, which is similar to their videoclip of the song "Who's that? Brooown" [also included on this album]. Click here to play the videogame.
A good example of these "dada" lyrics (like I've seem some people name them) are the ones featured on "hahahaha jk". Even old Das Racist songs like "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" point at this sort of style.

The playlist is the following:
01. wkcr stretch and bobbito show w quincy jones (intro)
02. all tan everything (ft. jay-z) [prod. sabzi]
03. puerto rican cousins [prod. gordon voidwell and alex kestner] ^
04. hahahaha jk? [prod. boi-1da]
05. town business (ft. kassa overall) [prod. kassa overall]
06. commercial [prod. teengirl fantasy] *
07. people are strange [prod. devo springsteen] **
08. luv it mayne (ft. fat tony & bo p) [prod. tom cruz]
09. amazing (ft. lakutis) [prod. keepaway]
10. fashion party (with chairlift) [prod. chairlift] *
11. rapping 2 u (ft. lakutis) [prod. sha-leik]
12. rooftop (ft. despot) [prod. dame grease]
13. irresponsible (ft. lakutis) [prod. like magic + das racist]*
14. return to innocence [prod. dash speaks]
15. julia (the very best remix) [prod. das racist]
16. roc marciano joint (ft. roc marciano) [prod. mike finito]
17. you can sell anything [prod. diplo]
18. sit down, man (ft. el-p) [prod. scoop deville]
19. sit down, people (by dapwell and quincy jones)

executive produced by le’Roy benros for noizy cricket!! & himanshu suri for greedhead entertainment

mixed and recorded by daniel lynas at wonderful studios except where otherwise noted.

I highly recommend this one. Acquire it. Also, check out their official website.
Below is one of my fav songs, "hahahaha jk":
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