Friday, September 25, 2009

Emtidi "Saat"

Formed in Germany, Emtidi can be considered a prog folk / krautrock / prog rock band. They released this album, Saat, in 1972 on the label Pilz Records (which is now inactive). The band's members are: Dolly Holmes (acoustic guitar in bouzouki, kazoo, vocals), Maik Hirschfeldt (guitars, flute, vocals).
This album contains 7 tracks. I really like the following: "Walkin' in the park", "Träume" and "Touch the Sun".
It's an amazing album, which sounds that seem to be from a different space, pure and harmonic, driving us to dreamy fields. It sure has some of the krautrock essence. It blends the singer's sweet voice with some synths (I think the sound is made with them at least) and at the same time with a divine acoustic guitar. Their lyrics are quite curious too.
The album is available here.

You can hear the first track of the album below:

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