Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ganglians "Monster Head Room"

The first cd of the band "Ganglians", made in California, is a great step for this group of recognized recent artists.
What's the meaning of their name? I surelly don't know.
Mixing lo-fi, folk, Beach Boys' influence and other peculiar and unique sounds with beautiful frequencies, this cd is a good bet of this year. They have a song called Violent Brave, that has been catalogued has one of this year's best new songs. Even Pitchfork loves them.
A funny coincidence is that Wavves were "born" in the same label where the Ganglians are right now: Woodsist.
They promiss us more good stuff, I can assure you.
You can get this album -"Monster Head Room"- here.

Below you have a music from their debut album:

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