Saturday, September 19, 2009

Liars "Liars"

Liars consist of a three-piece experimental rock band that was born in New York (its early years were lived at that urban cage). Currently, these Liars are living in Berlin, Germany. The band's members are: Angus Andrew (vocals/guitar), Aaron Hemphill (percussion, guitar, synth) and Julian Gross (drums).
This is their 4th album and their latest one (it was released in 2007). Mute Records released their album. I think it's more accessible than most of their albums, but its really good at the same time. The songs featured in it are trippy sometimes ("Plaster casts of Everything"- watch the videoclip too) and other times they convert themselves into eccentric sound waves that wash your brain with a peculiar and semi-ambiguous mix of emotions ("Houseclouds", "Sailing to Byzantium", "Protection" and "The Dumb in the Rain").
The album's lenght is 39 minutes and 6 seconds. The producers are the following: Liars and Jeremy Glover.
You can get the album here - have fun.

The three wise men are above.

The videoclip of the song "Houseclouds":

The song "Sailing to Byzantium":

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