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COIL's discography

Ok, if you don't know
COIL, you better kill yourself... No wait, please don't do it! Ok, speaking more seriously, this band started with Peter Christopherson and Jhonn Balance in 1982, following their departure from Genesis P-Orridge's industrial group called "Psychic TV". First, they started working on a project called Zos Kia, which had only 4 live performances and one release (a cassete tape called Transparent, in 1984).
Later, Jhonn and Peter would meet Boyd Rice and the ecletic band Current 93. This just shows how stable the relationships among this esoteric movement were.
Their first record as COIL was "How to destroy angels". That same year, 1984, they also made the album "Scatology", with was their most "industrial" album, according to fans and critics and myself. They got their name album derived from the word "scatter", hence the name "Scatology".
Next was release "Horse Rotorvator", an album that speaks about death and existential dilemmas: listening to this one was like feeling the last seconds before you were stomped by the horse on the album's cover (shot with fisheye lens). It's my favourite album so far. It was released in 1986.
Love's Secret Domain- L.S.D.- was the next album launched into stores. Also quite "industrial" and now with more influences of the genre "Post-Punk" this album was well succeeded and even one of its songs, Tainted Love, was featured [and still is] on The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

As the wind of time blew, they got more experimental and got swallowed by drone influences (see their album "Time Machines" here- pt1 and pt2), noise (like in the album "Constant Shallowness leads to Evil") and many, many times, their characteristic 90's style: melodramatic harmonies, lullabies that could haunt many humans.
With Jhonn Balance's death some years later, the band had found its end. Their last album- Ape of Naples - was an amount of songs they recorded more than one decade ago (e.g. amethyst deceiver) and songs they recorded some months ago. The album is so fluid, so coherent, it depicts the band's efforts to express themselves (particularly, Jhonn...). Inside this album, there are some photographies that are a metaphoric representation of death: there's a beautiful sunset, a hanged man, a lamb with its legs amputated, a zoomed dark crow and a dead seahorse (semi-preserved in a similar state of a fossil). The name "Ape of Naples" comes from a time when Jhonn and Peter worked on a shop of gay bootleg videos: they invented names for those items and one of them was "Ape Of Naples" (there's also one which is "Black Antlers" that's an album released by them).
If you want most of this band's albums you can check this spot or this one, if you prefer torrents.
This is the infamous "Tainted Love" videoclip:

Next, I'll show you one of COIL's few live videos on youtube:

Their official myspace is this one here. If you really enjoyed this band, there are super-limited editions available on their online shop, some of them very rare...and some album downloads, if you want to. Go to Threshould House and check it out.Please, promote the artists- they deserve it.

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