Thursday, January 7, 2010

UK Virgin Records "Ambient 4: Isolationism"

Regarded as one of the most important means that popularized this genre, isolationism ambient, UK Virgin Records released this in 1994.
If you don't know this genre, I'll explain it to you in a few words, so that you just get a blurred clue of what this sounds are: the main aim is for sure to isolate yourself; this can be viewed as a dense form of meditation through music consisted by microatonality and drones, driving the person to senses of desolation and despair. However, if you can handle what's generally called as "heavy" or "dark" music, you'll feel comfortable with this type of music. It can have a relaxing effect, counterwise.
The track list is the following:

CD 1

  1. KK Null & Jim Plotkin: "Lost (Held Under)"
  2. Jim O'Rourke: "Flat Without A Back"
  3. Ice: "The Dredger"
  4. Raoul Björkenheim: "Strangers"
  5. Zoviet France: "Daisy Gun"
  6. Labradford: "Air Lubricated Free Axis Trainer"
  7. Techno Animal: "Self Strangulation"
  8. Paul Schütze: "Hallucinations (In Memory Of Reinaldo Arenas)"
  9. Scorn: "Silver Rain Fell (Deep Water Mix)"
  10. Disco Inferno: "Lost In Fog"
  11. Total: "Six"
  12. Nijiumu: "Once Again I Cast Myself Into The Flames Of Atonement"

CD 2

  1. Aphex Twin: "Aphex Airlines"
  2. AMM: "Vandoevre"
  3. Seefeel: "Lief"
  4. .O.rang: "Little Sister"
  5. E.A.R.: "Hydroponic"
  6. Sufi: "Desert Flower"
  7. David Toop & Max Eastley: "Burial Rites (Phosphorescent Mix)"
  8. Main: "Crater Scar (Adrenochrome)"
  9. Final: "Hide"
  10. Lull: "Thoughts"
  11. Thomas Köner: "Kanon (Part One: Brohuk)"
Along the 2 CD's, my favourite tracks are: Ice "The Dredger", Lull "Thoughts", Labradford "Air Lubrificated Free Axis Trainer", E.A.R. "Hydroponic", Techno Animal "Self Strangulation".
This compilation has around 221 minutes.
If you want to download it, click here.

You can hear now Scorn "Silver Rain Fell (Deep Water Mix)":

Below is one of the tracks, Aphex Twin "Aphex Airlines", which he used to tire dancers during his gigs, as he said in an interview:


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