Sunday, January 24, 2010

[gig reviews] Jandek at Teatro Maria Matos

Jandek...To many an iconic figure that fights for anonymity, Jandek decided to perform not long ago. He started his musical career around 1978. He has only given one interview which I think he was somewhat forced to. His work is usually labeled as "outsider music".
It's funny that only in 2004 Jandek started playing live. I'm proud I still got a chance to see him live. His music is enigmatic and depicts many times his aging, as I can see, it's like a introspective diary, his whole works, since the photos he used in his albums, to the lyrics.

This time, the musician has chosen 3 more musicians to play with. They were: Sei Miguel (trompetist, composer, a dedicated jazz musician), André Abel (guitarrist of the well-known portuguese band Tropa Macaca and also co-creator of an uprising portuguese experimental band entitled Aquaparque) and finally, Peter Baastien (saxofonist, percussionist and european free spirit, that contributed to the birth of the free jazz movement in Netherlands in the 60's, played with the best bands of the Dakar dance in the 70's and plays for around 40 years, although he hasn't released any record- just like if it was an inversed Jandek situation).
The concert had a good sound. Jandek was the last musician to enter the stage, if I remember.

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