Thursday, January 14, 2010

MAGAS "May I meet my Accuser"

MAGAS is Jim Magas, a [presumed] normal guy from Chicago, USA. He began making music around 1999. Taken from his myspace:"In 1999, Jim Magas, with no knowledge or background in electronic music or its production set out to become a one-man force in electronic rock. "
This record was released in 2006 on Imaginary Conflict [U.S.A.] and Wwilko [E.U.] - this last label, in case you didn't know yet, is Kap Bambino's own label. It is his forth release.
I'd describe his music, from what I've heard before, as enthusiastic headbanger music made by a synth-addict for many trashers. It's great electronic music, kind of the a "new rock 'n' roll", you know. The synths here become true guitars, raging your ears with heavy beats and distorted samples.
The tracklist is the following:
01. Black Door
02. Easy to Please
03. Chicagocide
04. I Need Love
05. May I Meet My Accuser
06. Transgressors
07. Walk Through the Dark
08. Highway Hat
09. Burst City
10. One Hundred Ten

I really enjoyed most of these songs, however I'll only speak about three of them. "Easy to Please" is a fine one, that starts with Jim's incredible heavy synths, then some beats keep coming and then MAGAS' voice takes hold of the sounds. The lyrics seem kind of funny and ironic too. Take this is count: "I'm easy to please / Easy / to please... ". Just like the song's title.
"May I Meet My Accuser" is by far, for me, the best track. Fast beats, possibly the song with the most intense bpm* too. First you hear a small buzz... kind of like a toy ambulance... then snares burst, and synth-ish sounds slash the hearer. MAGAS' voice once again does a splendid work, heavily distorted, like many of his samples. Around 1:07 you hear a synth that reminds you of a guitar. Like I've said before, this guy has invented the twenty-first century schizoid rock 'n' roll!
"Highway Hat" is also a nice bet on this album. Once again, you can hear the electronically created drums and the synths. This time, the vocals aren't that distorted and Jim sings like if he was having some fun, spitting simultaneously the lyrics.
The album can be downloaded right here. This one is a "must" to whoever appreciates Kap Bambino and Felix Kubin too.

*bpm- beats per minute

You should also check this video of him performing "May I Meet My Accuser" live.

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  1. Thanks for the nice write-up. Glad you liked this. If you like this one, try Violent ARP. It's much in the same style. Cheers!



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