Sunday, January 3, 2010

[upcoming bands] Drum Eyes

Not quite an upcoming band, but a band that I think has been evolving a lot lately... Drum Eyes... Quite difficult to label. The band members currently are: Shige ∞ E-da San ∞ complitly dengerous ∞ Chris ∞ Kathy ∞ Alistair Crawley ∞ Tom Hanks (according to myspace). My bad, I don't how to decifer that so I'll say that it includes there DJ Scotch Egg, a drummer from Trencher [Liam], Eda from Boredoms and a girl from Comanechi.
Their music mixes 8bit with drums, heavily-distorted guitars. It's a unique mix, I'd say.
Check their myspace here or lastfm page here.

Here it's a video of Drum Eyes performing [courtesy of Last FM].

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