Monday, January 11, 2010

Sol Invictus "In the Rain"

This album was released in 1995, by Sol Invictus. A great neofolk / apocalyptic folk / post-industrial group, they began with electronic experimentation combined with folk-influenced guitar work. Their frontman is called Tony Wakeford. He has collaborated with other artists popular in this genre, like Death in June.
The track list is the following:
1. Europa in the Rain I
2. Stay
3. Believe Me
4. Down the Years
5. In the Rain
6. Fall Like Rain
7. Oh What Fun
8. An English Garden
9. The World Shrugged
10. In Days to Come
11. Europa in the Rain II
Above I found links on youtube to most of the songs featured in this album. You can click on the song you want to hear, it'll direct you to youtube. Also, on wikipedia, there are many descriptions of the songs and the instruments used, click here.
You can get the album here, if you want to.

Below is a video for the song "Down the Years":

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