Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Atom Smashers "First Strike" LP

The Atom Smashers cannot be inserted into a single genre, I tell you. Monte Cazazza is included here, by the way: which only adds more pepper to this record. The other members here are Chris Warden and Joseph T. Jacobs.
Released in 1986 on Pathfinder Records.
The track list is the following:
A1Birth Control

A2"A" is for Atom ("B" is for Bomb)

A3If Thoughts Could Kill

B1Sex is No Emergency

B2Dead Cats Don't Swing

B3Mark of the Devil

My favourite tracks here are: "If Thoughts Could Kill", "Mark of the Devil" and "Birth Control". Kind of a nihilistic and sarcastic vibe, like you'd expect from Monte's works, these songs include sound collages, synthesizers and tribalesque percussion.
You can get it right here [48.6 megabytes]. Enjoy.

Below, "A" is for Atom ("B" is for Bomb)":

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