Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boris "Amplifier Worship"

Sound waves that will blow your mind... this is what Boris specialize in this album. Great masterpiece concerning the sludge and doom metal music, this record was released in 2003 on Southern Lord.
The tracklist is:
  1. "Huge" – 9:14
  2. "Ganbou-Ki" – 15:44
  3. "Hama" – 7:30
  4. "Kuruimizu" – 14:27
  5. "Vomitself" – 16:57
"Huge" is a great track, which features fantastic vocals and a great characteristic doom metal approach that we can expect from Boris.
"Ganbou-Ki" is a drone doom metal track that's long and pushes you to new boundaries among despair.
"Hama" could be inserted into the sludge metal category, also a good track that includes lots of guitars.
"Kuruimizu", like "Hama" is more sludge metal. Also a nice bet that Boris have done [although I prefer a lot more their drone doom metal songs].
"Vomitself" definitely their strongest drone song, slashing people's ears with their guitar sustained tone pieces.
The album's lenght is 64 minutes. Worth hearing it, specially their doomy stuff.
Get it here.

Below you can hear "Huge":

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