Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kid 606 "Die Soundboy Die"

Kid 606 always struggles to be a misfit in music: he doesn't want to be labeled. He fuses dubstep, drum 'n' bass, gabber, 8bit and many more genres. He's also a fan of industrial and death metal. Just take this in count: he samples parts of Nick Cave and the Birthday Party and puts those samples along to a wobble bass and some rad beats. The best of Kid 606 is that he can generate something completely inovative while mixing every genre possible.
The track list is the following:
1. Die Soundboy Die
2. Raving Cain
3. Loose Noose
4. You can't stop a Steper
5. Get in the Way
6. Bat Manners
7. Umbilical bullets
8. The Drip
9. Death is Pain permanently leaving the Body

My favourite tracks are "The Drip", "Loose Noose" and "Raving Cain". The last one, "Death is Pain permanently leaving the Body", is more like an awkward chill-out track.
This EP has around 60 megabytes and probably 45 minutes of intense rave-stimulating music.
You can get the album here, if you want to.

As a preview, you can hear "Raving Cain" below:

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