Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grouper "Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill"

One of the best things I've been hearing lately in the folk scene, Grouper is the solo project for electro-acoustic ambient/noise musician Liz Harris, of Portland, Oregon.
This album, released in 2008, is possibly one of the best albums in its genre. Take into consideration the first track: simply brilliant drone introduction, that blends into Liz Harris' sweet voice. The rest of the album is also assured to be good.
The tracklist is:
1. Diesengaged
2. Heavy Water / I'd Rather Be Sleeping
3. Stuck
4. When We Fall
5. Traveling Through A Sea
6. Fishing Bird (Empty Jutted In the Evening Breeze)
7. Invisible
8. I'm Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill
9. A Cover Over
10. Wind And Snow
11. Tidal Wave
12. We've All Time To Sleep

My favourite ones are: "Diesengaged", "Heavy Water / I'd Rather Be Sleeping" and also "Invisible". The album's lenght is around 47 minutes. The album's size is 41.28 Megabytes.
You can get the album here. Also, if you're interested check her myspace. There's also a folk musician I've been hearing called Jana Hunter that's brilliant and kind of similar to Grouper.

Below is "Heavy Water / I'd Rather Be Sleeping":

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