Monday, January 25, 2010

[upcoming bands] Dazzle Ships

Started not long ago [2009, I predict], this band consists of a duo: Tyler on guitar and vocals and Hatii on bass and vocals. I really like it. Sounds original and refreshing, something that's hard to find these days [cliché talk, I know].
This info was taken from a Vice article: "Dazzle Ships was the name of the brilliant and somewhat unlikely collaboration between modernist painters and army officials during
World War 1. It led to warships being painted with complex, colourful, geometric patterns which were meant to confuse opposition viewfinders and periscopes, and make it harder to gauge the speed and position of the ships they were trying to kill. It probably didn’t work very well, but at least it looked great and inspired the awesome artwork to OMD’s underrated Dazzle Ships LP."
These guys remind me sometimes The Chameleons' guitars with The Only Ones' bass and vocals. Kind of strange, like an 80's revival band, but that's not that much inserted into the 80's post-punk, kind of difficult to explain [this comparison occurs in their song "Least Resistance". Indie? Yeah, it's indie, just more original than most of the indie bands that I start to find all similar to each other, since "indie" is kind of trendy this decade.
You can check their myspace here.

-This is a pic I found on their myspace (the one with the pink dots is also featured there).

Below you can hear "Least Resistance":

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