Sunday, December 27, 2009

Youthless "Telemachy" EP

Alex Klimovitsky and Sebastiano Ferranti are Youthless: a duo that is enthralling some melomaniacs around Portugal and other countries. Their music is difficult to label, however I'd insert them into an indie rock category. The musical instruments they use are: bass, drums, a synth and vocals. Simple as this...
This is the band's first EP and it was recorded on Rory Brattwell's (ex-Test Icicles member) studio in London. It's admirable that their songs on this EP kind of followed an order, adding cohesion to the transactions between the tunes, creating a whole that characterises Youhtless' music. Their myspace can be found here.

The track list is the following:
1. In the pacific
2. The Beasts
3. In Motion
4. Out there
5. I guess
6. This must be the place
7. Travel n Pieces

The intro of this EP starts with a psychedelic, mind warping, sound of waves, with vocals and synths blending along the track [the song's name is "In the Pacific").
The second tune, "The Beasts" is more intense, reaching Youthless' distinct signature sounds: a nice bass, fast drums and soft, steady vocals.
The third tune, my favourite, "In Motion" has an awesome bass line and tribalesque drums along the whole track, with Alex's vocals making part of this dance between drums, bass and synths.
The forth song, "Out There" starts with a catchy synth line, accompanied by Sab's bass, for 30 seconds straight, until the Alex's vocals appear once again and the drums start to be hearable. Around 1:35 minutes the vocals and drums explode. Then, after a while, the bass and the drums maintain playing until the song ends. Quite nice track.
The fifth song, "I Guess", is kind of an interlude.
The sixth song, "This must be the place", starts with a synth then appears Alex's voice announcing "home is where I wanna be". This track has catchy lyrics, and, of course, as usual, Youthless' drums and bass euphorically blasting along the track.
The seventh and final song, "Travel n Pieces", doesn't have any lyrics, but you can hear Alex screaming "hey!" along the track, inviting you to dance. The bass is awesome, sometimes can be mistaken by one of those intense wobble basses you hear on a DnB track or some similar genre. The drums, as usual, are at high tempos, being soften by the synths. At the end of the song, you can hear the bass playing the same sheets that it was heard at the second track, which is kind of funny, since it's like an epitaph to this first Youthless' EP.

You can donwload this album at Optimus Discos or by clicking here.

Below is a video of when I saw Youthless some months ago:


  1. Downloaded, Loved (L)

    Só foi um bocadinho irritante ter que editar o nome nas faixas todas, no download do link alternativo, mas mesmo assim, adorei.

  2. Ya, eu também tive essa dificuldade de ter que dar o nome a cada faixa depois.

    Eu também gostei bastante deste EP!

  3. I'm sorry, but I do not understand your language...


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