Sunday, December 6, 2009

[gig reviews] Super Bock em Stock (day 4 of December)

Last Friday and last saturday were incredible. I got to see great bands and meet some of the nicest people on earth due to "Super Bock em Stock", a portuguese festival that's held at Lisbon annually. It gives you the opportunity to choose the gigs you want to see, since they're all at places near each other, located in Avenida da Liberdade (Liberty Avenue, translating).
Friday I got to see, by the following order: Wild Beasts, Wave Machines, Voxtrot and The Legendary Tigerman.
Then, Saturday I got to see by the following order: Os Golpes, Beach House, Little Joy, Kap Bambino, DR. Ramos (along with Voxtrot's singer DJ'ing a bit) and Zé Pedro DJ.
This topic is about Friday's gigs; later then, I'll speak about Saturday's.

First I'll speak about the 20 minutes of Wild Beasts' gig: it was nice, with some problems at the beggining, with the guitars, but later it went well. They gave a good show, for what I saw, and I learned that their music is better if you hear it some more times carefully.
Below is part of the gig, which I filmed:

Next, I'll speak about Wave Machines: possibly, my second favourite gig of Super Bock em Stock, their concert was awesome. I loved how they played, initially with their awkward masks on and then playing their instruments like robots, literally. Their music is awesome, one of the best bands that came out of Liverpool this year, many music critics and melomaniacs admit. They played their predilect songs, like "Where's my Punk Spirit?". When the show ended, me and my friend got the opportunity to speak with Carl Brown, the singer. He told us that he was surprised the band got this chance, to play here in Lisbon. I'm not that astonished, since this year their popularity has considerably risen!
Below is part of the gig, which I filmed:

Next, me and my friend ran to Cinema São Jorge, to see Voxtrot. We got some fine seats in the front. Voxtrot appeared and the crowd clapped for some minutes straight. The band seemed always really fond with the portuguese crowd and remembered us that they haven't taken a step in our soil since 3 years ago and were sort of nostalgic about that. Ramesh, the singer, talked a lot and was really nice with the whole crowd. I appreciated when the band covered the song "This is the day" (The The's original song, in case you didn't know yet).
Afterwards, I spoke a bit with Ramesh and took a photograph with him. He seems such a nice person, I'm glad he's making a radio programa at the portuguese radio station, RADAR.
Some photographs of this gig can be found by clicking the following links: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3 and picture 4.

Further, when Voxtrot's concert ended, I walked the road, vectorizing myself to Tivoli. I saw part of Legendary Tiger Man's show, which was fun and typical of Paulo Furtado's work as a musician. I've heard he broke his guitar, "like a true rockstar". His music mixes blues with rock and has contageous lyrics. The gig lasted more 20 minutes, as I only got to see the last 3 songs before he left the stage.

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