Friday, December 11, 2009

[gig reviews] Super Bock em Stock (day 5 of December]

Now it's 5th December's gigs turn to be reviewed here on the blog. The bands I got to see were, by the following order: Os Golpes, Beach House, Little Joy, Kap Bambino, DR Ramos (with the collaboration of Ramesh Srivastava - Voxtrot's singer) and Zé Pedro DJ.

The first concert, which was Os Golpes', I only got to hear around 3 of their songs, since afterwards I ran to the waiting line for Beach House's gig in Tivoli. Os Golpes' gig was in Cinema São Jorge Sala 1.
However, from what I got to see, they did a fine performance, nothing that was that remarkable either. I'll leave below some videos of their performance (these weren't filmed by me, take that in count):

Here are some more videos: video 1, video 2 and video 3.

Beach House's concert was the kind of thing I expected from them: it was filled with their sweet nostalgic and psychedelic sounds, gently embracing the crowd along their songs. Nothing that would make it a memorable gig among this festival however. I filmed a lot of their songs and [I think] I uploaded all of my footage onto youtube. It was their first step on the portuguese soil. They are returning to Lisbon on 17th of March of 2010, to play on Lux (a local disco).
Below is one of my films of their concert (it's part 2):

Here are some more videos: part 1, part 3, part 4 and part 5.

Then it was Little Joy's turn to appear on Tivoli's stage. I got to know that this band formed in 2006 on the portuguese festival Lisboa Soundz. Bands like You Should Go Ahead, Los Hermanos, She Wants Revenge, Isobel Campbell, Dirty Pretty Things and The Strokes played at this festival. It was due to this festival that Little Joy were born: Los Hermanos' singer, Rodrigo Amarante, met with Fabrizzio Moretti of The Strokes and then they decided to form Little Joy.
Little Joy's gig was kind of soft, with a good environment among the crowd and the band. I didn't like it that much, since I'm not that fond of Little Joy's music, however, it was a good gig. We left a bit before it ended, to see Kap Bambino.
Here is a video [I didn't film it]. When I upload Little Joy's videos, I'll post the links right away.

Kap Bambino was the last "real" concert, before the DJ set at Underground / Garagens do Marquês do Pombal. Noisy, as expected, full of energy: there was a nucleus of fans that continuously, all the time, jumped and moshed. I even had a chance to do some crowdsurf. Kap Bambino had a very good setlist with songs like "Kaos Killer", "Hey" and "New Breath" among many others (their themes included songs from their first records to "Blacklist").
I couldn't film this gig since I was all the time jumping around and enjoying it, has everyone was. Take this is count: this band's gigs are always memorable.
Like I said before, everyone was dancing around, but, still, I found 2 videos. There's one of them below. The other one can be viewed here.

Afterwards, people relaxed a bit, with some more soft music playing. I got a chance to take a picture with Caroline, from Kap Bambino too.
Suddenly, an alarm sounded: it was DR Ramos' performance beggining. He included some themes ranging from Motörhead to Queens of the Stone Age, mainly mainstream things, compared to the whole festival's purpose. DR Ramos also works on radio RADAR and on Antena 3, I think. He invited Ramesh [Voxtrot's singer] to DJ a bit.
Below is a video of Ramesh' on stage:

Finally, came Xutos e Pontapés' Zé Pedro, starring as a DJ. I'll upload a video I have of his performance. He wasn't bad, however he surelly fits more as a guitarrist / rocker than a DJ. He remixed some tunes like U2's "Elevation".


  1. Não, os Kap não tocaram a New Breath :\ E a Kaos Killer acho que também não. A Hey! sim, no encore :D

  2. tocaram a kaos killer, pelo menos, acho eu... a Hey! essa temos certeza que tocaram :P
    enfim, não me recordo, és capaz de ter razão nessas afirmações. não há gravações que o comprovem -,-


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