Saturday, December 19, 2009

[gig reviews] Epic Randomness at Gala dos Maristas and Os Passos Em Volta at Padaria do Povo

Yesterday I saw two good gigs: Epic Randomness' first gig (at Gala dos Maristas) and Os Passos Em Volta gig at Padaria do Povo.
First I'll talk about Epic Randomness' show: they only played one song, which was a cover of "Paradise City" (Guns 'n Roses song, in case you didn't know). It went really well, since it was, basically, their first gig. They were also in front of a big crowd, around more or less 725 people. They behaved really well, I must say... Now it's time they give more shows and make some EP's or merch. While playing, the drummer, Abreu, made some remarkable efforts on improvisations to accompain the guitarrist when he was "showing off".
These are some photographs I took from this event: photograph 1, photograph 2, photograph 3, photograph 4, photograph 5, photograph 6, photograph 7, photograph 8, photograph 9, photograph 10 and photograph 11.

Next was Os Passos em Volta concert, held at Padaria do Povo, located at Campo de Ourique, in Lisbon, Portugal. It was one hell of a show, one of the best I've seen from this band. They played well, synchronized in their own way, with their distinct sound. I couldn't take any pictures, because I didn't have my camera's batteries loaded. At this gig, there was even a crowdsurf, which was funny and at the same time cool. There was also some mosh held along some songs. These photographs were taken by a friend of mine and are available on Os Passos em Volta's myspace:

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