Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wave Machines "Wave if you're really there"

Wave Machines started around 2007, in Liverpool. They've released this album since then, entitled "Wave if you're really there". Receiving good reviews, this work has got lots of great tracks to choose from, each of them, peculiar, but with Wave Machines' characteristics within it. They use synthesizers, samplers, drums, guitars, basses, vocals, blending them in their own way: the product is surely marvelous.
The tracks are:
1. You say the Stupidest Things
2.I go I go I go
3. Keep the Lights on
4. Punk Spirit
5. The Greatest Escape We Ever Made
6. Wave If You're Really There
7. The Line
8. I Joined a Union
9. Carry me Back to My Home
10. Dead Houses

The album's lenght is around 40 minutes, I believe. My favourite tracks are: "Punk Spirit", "You Say the Stupidest Things", "Dead Houses" and "Carry me Back to My Home".
To get this album, click here.

Below is "Punk Spirit"'s official videoclip:

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