Saturday, November 7, 2009

DJ Scotch Egg "KFC Core"

DJ Scotch Egg, one of the most respectable icons in an 8bit experimental scene perhaps, he sure knows how to produce great sounds. He has influences like Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Steve Reich among others. Imagine gabber played with a Game Boy.Now add extreme distorted vocals. Getting sick? Next you'll mix that with KFC themed songs. Finally, many covers of classic compositions, ranging from Bach to Grieg. It's DJ Scotch Egg what you guys are hearing!...
The track list of this debut album of this colossal genius musician is:
  1. KFC Core
  2. Scotch Chicken
  3. Tetris Wonderland
  4. Scotch Heads
  5. Scotch Grime
  6. KFC Song
  7. Scotch Forest
  8. Scotch Attack
  9. Acid Boy Two
  10. Scotch Land
  11. Scotch Out
  12. Knock Knock Sandwich Next Door / Scotch Orchestra
Listen to these: "Scotch Chicken", "Scotch Forest" ("In the hall of the mountain Kind" by Edvard Grieg sabotaged) and also "Acid Boy Two".There's a review that Stylus Magazine made concerning this work - read it here.
You can get this album here.

Below is the following song "Scotch Forest":

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