Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Micachu "Jewellery"

This is one of my favourite albums this year, perhaps. "Jewellery"... what an awesome work it is! I love how they can be at the same time a lo-fi band and keep a classy touch constantly in their records. It's Micachu and her backing band, the Shapes... You got to love them! Even Björk loves them!
I first heard of them in 2008, thanks to the Patrick O'Dell's website. They started in August 2008 and released this album in March 9th 2009. This album received mainly excellent reviews. Check these reviews out: Metacritic's, Drowned in Sound's, The Guardian's, All Music's, BBC Music's, FACT Magazine's, The Times' and Pitchfork's. I also advise you to hear this album... It's the debut album of some distorted awkward pop, with some "punky energy" as many critics recall it. It has nothing cliché, it's a new own particular genre, that has made them a hype band with a relevant somewhat-underground indie cult behind them.
The track list of this album is the following:
  1. "Vulture" (2:49)
  2. "Lips" (1:21)
  3. "Sweetheart" (0:53)
  4. "Eat Your Heart" (2:20)
  5. "Curly Teeth" (2:27)
  6. "Golden Phone" (2:43)
  7. "Ship" (1:59)
  8. "Floor" (1:22)
  9. "Just In Case" (2:46)
  10. "Calculator" (3:09)
  11. "Wrong" (3:35)
  12. "Turn Me Well" (2:58)
  13. "Guts" (3:12)
    • "Hardcore" (1:33) is an unlisted hidden track at the end of the record.
My favourite tracks are [not in a particular order]: "Golden Phone", "Sweetheart", Eat your heart", "Curly Teeth", "Wrong" and "Turn me Well". What, I just said I prefer almost half of the album? No wonder! It has lots of cool songs on it. The album's lenght is around 31 minutes and 57 seconds.
By the way, last Saturday, this is November 21st 2009, I saw Micachu and the Shapes live at the Loft, here in Lisbon (I also got the opportunity to see a bit of Jon Hopkins show next). It was awesome and what I find more peculiar, is that some of their songs are even more appealing live, like the song "Wrong" for example. I also got the chance to take a pic with them, along with my friends. I'd love to see them live again. Oh, their t-shirts are also original and worth the price! Go grab yourself a Micachu goody!
If you want to hear the album, click here. Hope you like this album.
PS:I'm going to post a live review about Micachu and Shape's performance at the Loft, when I have enough free time to do such thing.

Next, is the song "Golden Phone" which is about suicide, according what Mica said live:


  1. Parece-me mesmo interessante. Downloadeei. :3

  2. Eles são muito interessantes, acredita.
    Podes ver vídeos do concerto deles na minha conta do youtube:


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