Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kap Bambino "Zero Life, Night Vision"

Kap Bambino formed around 2001 and nowadays they even have their own independent label. Kap Bambino are Caroline Martial and Orion Bouvier. Released in 2006, this album features awesome synth-ish tunes from a great electro group that hails from Bordeaux, France. Their music is characterised by wild distorted female vocals and mind-twisting electronic mixes. This album is no exception and has received positives reviews.
The track list is the following:
1. Zero Life 1:53
2. New Breath 2:09
3. Save 3:11
4. Took Life 2:10
5. Hunger Texas 2:29
6. Seed 3:15
7. Mess In The Ruins 2:03
8. Hey ! 2:07
9. Night Vision Ocean 2:31
10. Kaos Killer 2:46
11. Warriors 2:10
12. More Machine 4:09

My favourite tracks are: "Hey!", "Mess In The Ruins", "New Breath" and "Seed". But, as kind of usual, I advise you to hear the entire album.
You can get this album here or promote the artist by buying it on some eBay vultures or on their label's official website here.

Below I'll leave an youtube video of the song "Seed":


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