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[gig reviews] Drop Dead Festival (10th October 2008)

Almost one year ago, I watched some of my favourite lifetime gigs (until now, this is)- Drop Dead Festival. One of the best underground events in the whole world, this deathrock, post-punk, new wave, art punk, etc. This day of D.D.F., I got to see the following bands: Schwefelgelb (Germany), Grabba Grabba Tape (Spain), Din Glorious (USA), Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons (Sweden) and Sixteens (USA). This day of the festival was held at Santiago Alquimista, near Lisbon's São Jorge Castle.
I only got to see a small part of Schwefelgelb's gig, but it was really cool and gave me some insight of what this festival would be the rest of that night.
Then, Grabba Grabba Tape played: lots of vocoders, fast beats and good vibes.
Next were Din Glorious: by far, the best gig of that night. I didn't have any opportunity to hear their music before going to the festival, so it was kind of a colossal and traumatic surprise. Lots of 8bit sounds; a keytar with a fat rad guy; a freak singing and jumping around, getting at the same time free beers by the bar; a strange masked guy playing synths, coordinating sounds on a Mac and playing drums to exhaustion: these were Din Glorious, one of the best live shows I've seen to date. At some point, the keytarist cut his forehead and then started running to the crowd but slipped on a beer bottle and got hurt. Then the singer got naked somehow. It was pure chaos and pleasure for many people's ears.Songs like " Bork like a dork" made the room echo while everybody was screaming "bork, bork, bork!". Hypnotic beats, dashing sounds, after all it was a memorable epic gig, it's how I describe Din Glorious' performance.
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons gig was also really good: they didn't play for like 20 years, since the 80's! So they were kind of rusty, although they rehearsed in Sweden, before coming to Lisbon.
Finally, Sixteens played. I only got to see like 10 minutes of the gig, before I had left the room. It seemed nice, mixing some perfomance on stage with the good dark electro music they produce, straight from San Francisco.
After that, which I didn't got to see, there were many people DJ'ing around, like Polina (D.D.F.'s organiser) and Daniel (Din Glorious' vocalist).
Drop Dead Festival's myspace can be accessed here. There are also some pics of this event on their myspace, right here.

You can see, if you want to, a video I've edited and filmed ot that day:

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  1. Obrigada pela correcção lá no blog :3

    Ah, o famoso do Drop Dead *lágrima no canto do olho em memória dos Cinema Strange que eu não vi*


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