Monday, November 30, 2009

Codeine "Frigid Stars"

Codeine is a band from New York. Its genre is slowcore / indie rock / sadcore. This LP is their first release. Here it is a nice comparison with other bands of similar genres: "Codeine pioneered the slowcore and sadcore subgenres of indie rock, but with a more experimental attitude than other bands in the genre, such as Low, Idaho and Red House Painters.".
The track list is the following:
A1 D

A2 Gravel Bed

A3 Pickup Song

A4 New Year's

B1 Second Chance

B2 Cave-In

B3 Cigarette Machine

B4 Old Things
My favourite tracks are: "D", "New Year's" and "Old Things". It isn't as experimental as some of their other record here.

The song "Old Things" can be heard below:

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