Monday, October 19, 2009

Throbbing Gristle "The Taste of TG"

Giving reason to the subtitle ("A Beginners Guide to the Music of Throbbing Gristle"), this compilation features songs from TG's more audible times to the more noise and gore phases (it's obvious that their sound is always dark, no matter if it has a more "pop" approach or not). In case you didn't know, this band, Throbbing Gristle are quoted as the authors of industrial music.This album was released on [the now dead] Mute (on May 14 of 2004).
The track list is the following:
  1. "Industrial Introduction" - 1:05
  2. "Distant Dreams (Part Two)" - 5:30
  3. "Persuasion USA" - 7:29
  4. "Something Came Over Me" - 3:43
  5. "Dead on Arrival" - 6:08
  6. "Hot on the Heels of Love" - 4:24
  7. "We Hate You (Little Girls)" - 2:07
  8. "United" - 4:04
  9. "Cabaret Voltaire" - 3:58
  10. "Exotic Functions" - 4:18
  11. "Zyclon B Zombie" - 3:52
  12. "Walkabout" - 3:04
  13. "Hamburger Lady" - 4:15
  14. "His Arm Was Her Leg" - 5:40

My favourite tracks are: "Distant Dreams (parte two)", "United", "Zyclon B Zombie" and "Hamburguer Lady". The intro song "Industrial introduction" is also very appealing, a mesmerizing drone.
You can get the album here.
By the way, I also advise you to see some live videos of early TG: "Something came over Me" and "Discipline".
Here are also some links to some songs on this album: "Distant Dreams (part two)", "Industrial Introduction", "United", "Hot on the Heels of Love" and "Hamburguer Lady".

-A picture of the band, more recently.

Below is another Throbbing Gristle video, of a relatively recent live performance of "Persuasion" which I enjoyed watching and hearing:

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