Monday, October 19, 2009

Gray Matter "Food for Thought/Take it Back"

One great punk band, Gray Matter didn't have much success. This info was extracted directly from their myspace: "Formed in the summer 1983 from the ashes of several Washington, D.C., area punk bands, Gray Matter's mix of melody and punk power helped key the 1984-1985 punk resurgence in the nation's capitol. Consisting of guitarist Mark Haggerty and drummer Dante Ferrando (both of controversial first wave Dischord band Iron Cross), guitarist and singer Jeff Turner (founder of WGNS cassette label and studio), and bassist Steve Niles, Gray Matter was inspired by British punk bands. The band rehearsed but rarely played out, and it wasn't until the summer of 1984 that they played their first important public gigs, finding alliance with bands like Rites of Spring and Beefeater."
You can also find some more information related with this band here, on Dischord Records.
This album, "Food for Thought" is their first album and probably their best work.
The track list is:
2."Oscars Eyes"
3."Fill a Void"
4."Give me a Clue"
5."Gray Matter"
6."Caffeine Blues"
7."Crisis and Compromise"
8."Flash in Time"
10."I Am the Walrus"
11."Chutes and Ladders"
12."Burn no Bridges"
13."Walk the Line"
14."Take it Back"
15.4 "A.M."
18."The Spy"
19."Walk the Line"

My favourite tracks are "Burn no Bridges", "I am the Walrus" (Beatles cover), "Chutes and Ladders" and "Give me a Clue". Still, this album, when inserted into the punk scene, is marvelous, with great vocals and faithful to what I'd call a punk philosophy (somewhat nihilist, as it's always associated); there's energy to take and give, on this record.
Get the album here or here (if you don't apreciate that much rapidshare links and use more often mediafire).

You should also check Ali Boulala's skateboard part on the film "Sorry" from Flip Skateboards, that features the song "Burn no Bridges" (it was this part that got me into Gray Matter, some years ago).

Below is a video of my favourite song from this album, "Burn no Bridges".:

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