Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Public Image Limited "First Issue"

Sir Lydon's project after murdering Sex Pistols [although in the 21st century he has ressurected them] this album is filled with a nihilistic new wave / post-punk / weirdo spirit. In the 80's there weren't many bands similar to P.I.L.:John Lydon had once again found a new way to shock the UK.
Released in 1978 (by Virgin Records), this public attack record entitled "First Issue" has 8 tracks:
1.Theme (9:06)
2. Religion I (1:30)
3. Religion II (5:49)
4. Annalisa (6:07)
5. Public Image (3:01)
6. Low Life (3:39)
7. Attack (2:56)
8. Fodderstompf (7:46)

Songs like "Religion I" and "Religion II" mock any christian, verbally spitting straight at their face. Just examine these lyrics: "He takes the money / While you take the lie / This is Religion". Or take a look at these ones: "(...) And prey to the bitch / That spelled backwards is Dog". Musically, I prefer the following songs: "Theme", "Public Image" and "Fodderstompf".
Some critics have said P.I.L. were responsible for developing the post-rock movement (since their music changed -thanks to Lydon, once again - rock music upside down).
The album's lenght is 39 minutes and 54 seconds. All Music rated it with 4 out of 5 stars.
You can get the album here.

The following video is a live version (in Tokyo, 1983, I guess) of the song "Religion I":


  1. Eu tenho este álbum.
    Mesmo mesmo MESMO bom :D

  2. ya, é um álbum bom, pois é.
    e sim, só acho que dá uma música. lol, se tiver tempo, um dia mudo então o link.


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