Friday, October 16, 2009

HEALTH "Get Color"

HEALTH's second album is pure genius. LA's finest electronic noise rocker's or whatever you'd call them, excel in radness and that's that. This album, "Get Color", was released in 8th September of 2009. It was Lovepump United's privilege to launch this album.
The track list is the following:
1. "In Heat" - 1:47
2. "Die Slow" - 3:12
3. "Nice Girls" - 3:10
4. "Death+" - 2:39
5. "Before Tigers" - 3:26
6. "Severin" - 4:09
7. "Eat Flesh" - 4:02
8. "We Are Water" - 4:15
9. "In Violet" - 6:14

Its lenght is 32:53. "Die Slow" is the main single off of the album (its videoclip is also great).
My favourite ones are: "Die Slow", "We are Water" and also "In Violet"; however - and consider this that I'm telling you - the whole album is really good.
The album has some tracks that are more intense, [more or less] allowing me to label it as some "electro noise" music at those times. At other times, songs like "Die Slow" are more shallow and more audible. But, when hearing all tracks, it seems they fit together like if each song was a magnet attached to a puzzle in a fridge. HEALTH have been progressing and if they continue to ascend like this, they could release EP's, LP's, tees and albums monthly that I wouldn't bother and would try to invest on them [if I had enough money to do that too].
Many critics have said really well about this piece. According to Pitchfork, "Die Slow sounds like a party where Lightning Bolt's playing at one end of the room and Giorgio Moroder is studiously banging out psych-disco masterpieces at the other...". This is just one of inumerous examples.
The album can be heard by clicking here.

Next, I'll put below the "Die Slow" videoclip (it has a linear bauhaus shapes touch, with psychedelic effects mixed with it, resulting in an original piece for your eyes):


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