Thursday, June 10, 2010

[mixtape] Serotonin Sounds - Unhappy Summer

If you're too pale to be exposed to the sun, if you're unhappy in June and July due to work, if you wish you could have more free time, if you want a better income, if you don't like the sand, if you enjoy dead seagulls, if you are more time in front of a computer on summer vacations than other seasons, then this is the ideal mixtape for you. Features artists ranging from many musical genres; from industrial to lo-fi.

1.Spell - Seasons in the Sun
2.Sparklehorse - Don't take my Sunshine away
3.Low - Sunshine
4.Grouper - Disengaged
5.The Residents - Honey Bear
6.Perry Blake - Leave it all behind
7.Cass McCombs - What isn't nature
8.Sebadoh - Think (let tomorrow be)
9.Current 93 - Since Yesterday
10.Yoko Ono - Mrs. Lennon

Download it here.

1 comment:

  1. no itunes defini o álbum como "unhappy summer" e o intérprete do álbum como "serotonin sounds mixtape". sim?


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