Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[gig reviews] PAUS live at Fnac do Chiado in Lisbon, 21st June 2010

The gig started with an unforeseen situation: the band didn't have their EP there [the gig's aim was to present it], because Fnac had some problems and couldn't make it on time.
With that fact put aside, the gig went well. Joaquim and Hélio sure know how to play drums and are most of the time well synchronized. I also like the concept of the "siamese drums".
Makoto Yagyu played bass most of the time and on one or two occasions, he played synth. João "Shela" fills the air with his sort of "new age-ish" synths. The 4 band members make music that isn't very easily labeled.
However, most of the crowd enjoyed the gig and the band set the volume higher, to "provoke" Fnac, since they didn't behave very well.
Unfortunately, I didn't film because I left the camera's batteries at home [shame on me].
Here it is the band's myspace.


  1. estiveste lá? nem te vi... podias ter dito que ias, lol.

  2. sim xD tive la com um amigo meu. mas eu tambem nao programei ir. simplesmente estava na baixa ouvi uma bateria e fui direito a ela.


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