Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[film reviews] ODDSAC

ODDSAC is supposed, according to Danny Perez, the director, to not make sense, to be chaotic and make you abstract of your surroundings, involved with positive and/or negative thoughts. The soundtrack was made by Animall Collective, just for this film.
I got the chance to see this film last week at Faculdade das Belas Artes. Before the film began, Danny Perez spoke about how the film hasn't got a story and conditionally, not care about it's logic. Short after, the film started.
Well, I haven't gone to the cinema since some months ago and as I remember, I haven't seen so much people leave the room as in this peculiar case.
The film was intense, had lots of psychedelic effects and surelly hypnotised you very easily.
If you saw the videoclip of Animal Collective's "Summertime Clothes"( which was also directed by Danny), there was lots of paint and dripping effect that perfectly attach to the song; it's a reinvention of the word "psychedelic", characterised by Animal Collective.
The "story" first began in some grass fields, by night. Like you'd expect from a Danny Perez film, some of the image featured people "making the effects": with this, I mean that there were people making balls of fire (it weren't digital effects). Then you see a girl in a house. Later, one of the walls starts bursting paint, from a hole. The poor girl, tries to stop it from dripping all the black paint, but it's effortless. Afterwards, she gets drowned in paint.
I won't talk more about the "story", you have to see it, because the words can't described this art piece.

You can see below the trailer:

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