Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nurse With Wound "Paranoia in Hi-Fi"

This is basically a Nurse With Wound track that compiles many of the fan's fav tunes (like a small part of Salt Marie Celeste, near the ending). It is difficult to hear, you have to give it some efforts and probably skip some parts. It includes many genres, like: easy listening, krautrock, spoken word (that to me, sounds like it has some hip hop beats, like if Stapleton is paying a tribute to Snoop Dogg's music, haha), experimental, drone, noise and many more...
Try listening a part around 19 minutes: it's jazzy, like an evil jazz you'd expect from Steven Stapleton's mind. It's strange.
Then again, it even has a small dose of Salt Marie Celeste (which we've reviewed before around Serotonin Sounds).
Here it is for free, Paranoia in Hi-Fi.

Below is the song "The Bottom Feeder" which can be found in Paranoia in Hi-Fi too:

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