Monday, March 1, 2010

Aquaparque "É isso aí"

Aquaparque are a kind of recent portuguese musical project (started around the year 2006). The band members are: Pedro Magina and André Abel. It's difficult to label this band, but I'd say their music is more on the experimental / pop side.
This CD was released last year. They received a considerable amount of positive criticism.
The track list is:
1.De dentro de uma baleia
2.Bem bom
3.Ver ao perto
4.Siga para bingo
6.Mais lento que a casa dos teus pais
7.Tom de amuo
9.Museu de Cera

-Their main image on their myspace.

My favourite ones are: "De dentro de uma baleia" (which means "From inside of a whale"), "Bem bom" (which means "Really Good") and "Fantasma" (which means "Ghost").
You can get the album here. Its size is around 40 megabytes.

Below is the videoclip of the song "Fantasma":

fantasma from catarina lopes on Vimeo.

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  1. hi can you send me the album by usend it or something? The link you mentioned doesnt exist anymore. thanks


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