Monday, February 1, 2010

[upcoming bands] Mob of God

Fortunately, I got to know this band because one of the members sent me a message over on youtube, saying that he saw a comment I made on a Gogol Bordello video and thought I got a fine musical taste.
Mob of God are a portuguese band that fuses genres like alternative rock, jazz and metal (awkward, isn't it?). They also like Fado (a portuguese traditional musical genre).
The band members are: M.ª João Oliveira on lead vocals; Nuno Tavares on guitar andvocals; Ricardo Penedo on keyboards; Pedro Torradas playing bass; Bruno Gaspar on drums.
Their influences are, according to what they've written on their myspace page: " The flavors of our world - the grunge scene, the metal scene, the blues meet jazz and soul, the 60's, the 70's and early 90's plus world music". Bands that to me they resemble sometimes are: Doors (specially on keyboards and ocasionally on guitars), Jefferson Airplane (specially on vocals) and Shocking Blue (particularly on vocals and kind of similar to the guitars Shocking Blue played on some songs).
Their myspace can be accessed here. To download some songs they offer for free, click here.

Below is a video of one of their songs entitled "Lion of Judah":

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