Sunday, February 14, 2010

[gig reviews] Panda Bear at Lux Frágil in Lisbon, 13 February

Last night, I got the opportunity to see the "second round" (because Noah played the night before at the same place, which was Lux, a disco in Lisbon) of Panda Bear's show.
I got really surprised with the songs that'll probably be on his upcoming album, "Tomboy". I don't know their names, unfortunately, so it'll be a bit more difficult to review this gig.
One thing that I've noticed is that this time, Noah Lennox gives even more use to loops and adds more distortion and reverbs to his sounds and beats. The fourth song he played, with his guitar, had an awesome distortion and it somewhat reminded me of Sun Araw's hypnagogic pop.
The first song, was slow and was a perfect intro to his gig: with a mind-warping loop, that slowly grew, backed up by the Danny Perez' awesome video work, felt smooth like hot butter. Then Panda Bear's voice appeared and the music got even better. After 5 minutes, a beat echoed and looped until the music ended.
Below, I've filmed the performance of this song:

Moreover, the second song is also original and more energetic, I'd say: more vocals, a faster bpm (although always kind of slow in its entegrity) and with more defined and distorted guitars.

This is the third song:


  1. boa João!
    tens os vídeos no gorilla vs bear ;)


  2. Obrigado!! Sim, grande propaganda que os meus vídeos têm tido por causa do gorilla!! Grande colosso dos blogues!


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