Thursday, May 13, 2010

William Basinski "The Garden of Brokenness"

You have to listen to this album in certain conditions to give it the value it deserves. This isn't William Basinski's expected music, too: because it shows a struggle of peculiar noise that the reader can hear in the background and the same time a melancholic piano filling the environment with its own notes. It's kind of strange. It gives you desolation.
I got into William Basinski some months ago because of this blog, called Zepelim. They mentioned sometimes one or two Basinski musical pieces and I was curious and downloaded right away some of his music. "The Garden of Brokenness" must of been the first link I've clicked and it's funny since this isn't a typical tune made by this artist. Afterwards, I got hearing some "Disintegration Loops"... They sure have a beautiful story behind their birth. To a common person it may seem that Basinski's work is monochordic, repetitive and boring: to the reader who likes to care about what his trully hearing, this music is filled with details, refracted sounds, that enable a cloud of thoughts around one's head.

The tracklist is:
The Garden of Brokenness (49minutes;47seconds)

Get it here via MegaUpload.

I couldn't find any excerpt of this piece, but I'll put one of a great record: "Vivian & Ondine":

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