Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mixtape by Jesus Avec Pas Des Pantalons

Witch house is an emerging genre. In fact, it was created around 2009. According to my perspective, this genre is like a new hype thing, that manages to make sense of all these new visual: collages, triangles, "neosurrealism"...
It's like the hypnagogic pop term that David Keenan invented sort of gone into a manic depression or bipolar disorder state. Actually, there are other synonyms of witch house that can be seen as arguments to justify my previous sentence: "occult house" and "gothic chillwave".
However, the music itself is original in its own means: slow, dark, electronic, filled with little details, sometimes lo-fi, sometimes awkward...

This blog, Jesus Avec Pas Des Pantalons did a great job and compiled this mixtape just for all new contemporary music fans (or whatever you want to call to these exquisite sounds).
The playlist is the following:
1. SALEM – Whenusleep (2:25)
2. oOoOO – EGYPTYNLVR (2:40)
3. White Ring – IxC999 (5:07)
4. RAW MOANS – rose bath (demo) (2:53)
5. SLEEP ∞ OVER – Your world is night (4:21)
6. Modern Witch – Not The Only One (4:37)
7. CREEP – HOT SHIT RMX (2:54)
8. yusuf b – shakespearsgone (1:22)
9. Diamond Black Hearted Boy – New World Order (3:36)
10. Mater Suspiria Vision – Exorcism of the hippies (3:42)
11. White Ring – Faded (3:37)
12. Modern Witch – Chalice (2:29)
13. oOoOO – PCKRFCRMX (2:02)
14. dir†ypride – sOme†hiNgiN†heway(cObain) (4:45)
15. ///▲▲▲\\\ – tetanus wine (3:44)
16. Balam Acab – Big Boy (4:27)

My favourite song around here is, for sure, dir†ypride – sOme†hiNgiN†heway(cObain): what a great cover this is.

Below is SALEM's "Piggyhog":

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